Mosaic : A Collection of Short Stories

Multiple Contributors

Mosaic offers the reader a poignant assortment of enjoyable and infinitely readable stories garnered from ten talented American authors. Enjoy the literary contributions of: Marjorie Doering, Gayle Farmer, Irene Gardner, Norma Howell, Dawn Boeder Johnson, Rita Salter, Virginia Sciarpelletti, Heidi Tassone, William Walz and Frederick West. Let the mood, the unique tone and tenor of these gifted storytellers transport you to another world of the past, of the future the likely and the unlikely, let them whisk you away for a short trip through a looking glass. Tucked between the mysteries and thrillers are humorous tales, both light and dark, that will tickle the funny bone. Romantic ghosts, benign witches and honorable vampires mingle seamlessly with the thought-provoking, spiritually uplifting, or just plain eerie. Stroll through this exceptional compilation and prepare to be impressed, inspired and enthralled by stories that piece together like an intricate MOSAIC.