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Jui-san Jikendesuyo / 獣医さん、事件ですよ (2014) Ep08 [1280×720] [Update]

Jui-san Jikendesuyo / 獣医さん、事件ですよ (2014) Ep08 [1280×720] [Update]
Title: 獣医さん、事件ですよ
Title (romaji): Jyuui-san jiken desu yo
Also known as: Shiba Ken
Genre: Family, Humanitarian
Format: Renzoku
Broadcast Network: YTV
Broadcast Period: 2014-Jul-03
Airtime: Thursday 23:58
Theme song: Always with you by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE

Shiba Kentaro is a compassionate vet in an old Tokyo neighborhood. He doesn’t only treat pets, but also interferes in the problems of pet owners and struggles to be of help.

Takanori Jinnai (陣内孝則) as Shiba Kentaro (51)
Yoshimoto Miho (吉本実憂) as Shiba Hinako (17)
Nogiwa Yoko as Shiba Hanae (72)
Makita Tetsuya as Tamaki Shinya (25)
Negima as Dog

Shaku Yumiko as Asano Hitomi (36)
Honda Miyu as Asano Aoi (10)

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