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Henshin 変身 (2014) Ep05 End 720p HDTV [Complete]

Henshin 変身 (2014) Ep05 End 720p HDTV [Complete]
Drama: Transformation (literal title)
Romaji: Henshin
Japanese: 変身
Director: Koto Nagata
Writer: Keigo Higashino (novel), Noriko Yoshida, Mitsuru Tanabe
Network: WOWOW
Release Date: July 27, 2014 –
Runtime: Sundays 22:00
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Junichi Naruse (Ryunosuke Kamiki) hopes to one day become a painter, but he works currently on a factory line. His girlfriend is Megumi (Fumi Nikaido) and his days are generally happy. On Christmas Eve, Junichi stops by a jewelry story to buy an engagement ring. He then becomes a part of a robbery at the jewelry and he suffers a head injury. Junichi then becomes the first successful brain transplant patient in the world.
Junichi is unaware that he received a brain transplant. When he is discharged from the hospital, Junichi’s hearing becomes sensitive and he also becomes violent. He does not hold the same feelings for Megumi. Junichi realizes he is changing and becomes seized with horror.
Meanwhile, Megumi hopes Junich becomes his old self. She also seeks to unlock the hidden mystery of Junichi’s operation.

Based on the novel “Henshin” by Keigo Higashino (published January 12, 1991 by Kodansha Ltd.).

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